Through my FIQWS class, “World History and Culture” I have had the amazing opportunity to work on topics that I really like, due to the impact that they have on my life as well as in the life of everyone. I believe that once we educate and comprehend what is going on in our community and world, we would be able to address and face such “problems” and get a better outcome.

         To be completely honest, I still have not decided what I want to pursuit as a major career here at City College, but I know that soon I would find something that I am truly passionate about. This fall 2018 has been my first semester at CCNY, and I have learned and enjoyed it so much.  I hope this enthusiasm stays still throughout my college experience… yesss it would happenn!.

   Name-Age: Sabrina; 18 years old. #Pisces    

        State-City: New York, Bronx. #Dominican

 Major: Undecided yet interested in Media and    Communications. #CCNY21

Likes to: Procrastinate, drink coffee, laugh (cry-laughing), travel, chat with the one and only; her grandma’ 🙂 Oh! she also likes to scroll down her Instagram page. #livelife

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